Privacy policy - Terms

This privacy document informs and describes how application and developer use Google Analytics to collect information about User’s telephone model and currently stream viewed by User. Private information about mobiles models and streams are kept on Google Analytics servers protected by Google’s Privacy Policy.


Type of collecting data

TVP Stream application using Google Analytics collects information about telephone model and currently viewed stream.


Use of collected data

Developer uses collected data to improve quality of application and broadcasted streams basing on details from Google Analytics and mobile markets. With statistics from Google Analytics it is possible to estimate which mobile phone is the most popular in the society and prepare updates special for them. It is also possible to detect which streams are rarely seen and remove them from the content list.


Data protect

Information about mobile phones models or streams will neither be sent nor sold to any third party company.


Privacy policy change

Each change in the privacy policy is delivered to customer by POPUP always when User enters application, and only when accepted, allows User to use TVP Stream application. Information about change privacy policy is not sent to User who deletes application from his mobile phone.


Final provisions

By accepting Terms, User accepts provisions about collecting and storing data about User’s mobile phone and stream User views on Google Analytics.